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Updated: May 17, 2021

With each moment, I might be

a phoenix

or smoldering ash

as I cycle through my rage

my sorrow, love, regret

my sweat

Mind shape-shifting through

each and every (damn) day

depressed and coping

jaded and transformed

learning to trust, and trust again

regardless of this future we cannot shape

we may not hold

but for the inner light we create, and recreate.

You may think the heartbreak too great

the debt steep

the diagnosis dreadful

and bile lingers

as guilt burrows in

but do not isolate or insulate

in these layers of pacing pain

Live into grief

Dance in disability

Juggle with disbelief

Laugh despite death

Love as we burn

as we scream

because a life is a life worth living

bright, crackling with heat

with desire and dignity

we rise

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